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fees & frequently asked questions

Buffet, plated and fork food menu prices include food ready for service whether it is a pick up with heating instructions, dropped off to your venue ready for service, or heated and presented on site. All menu prices exclude GST.

  • Additional Staff
    Serving/wait and clean up staff | $30hr On-site chef(s) | $35hr
  • Additional Delivery Charges
    Kawerau | $40 Whakatane | $45 Ohope | $60 Awakaponga | $15 Matata/Otakiri | $20 Edgecumbe | $25 Awakeri | $30
  • Canapés
    Canapés are best served with drinks and handed around to guests. Sublime Catering will assemble and heat this dainty finger food on-site to ensure it is served to a high level of presentation. On-site chef time is included in the menu price. If required, we can arrange our own wait staff for a minimum of 2 hours.
  • Wait staff required for canapés
    1 wait staff for every 25 guests
  • Buffet
    In the event where food will be served over a period of time, such as a buffet, we recommend Sublime Catering provide the serving staff to ensure a high level of presentation is maintained. This is especially important for groups where numbers exceed 50 guests. The minimum service time for a 2-3 course buffet is 2 hours. Please let us know if you prefer to do the dishes clean up yourselves.
  • Hourly Service Fee
    Includes travel time, set up, servers and clean up of all food related dishes.
  • Staff numbers required for buffet and fork food
    20 - 30 guests | 1 chef & 1 server/waiter 30 - 50 guests | 1 chef & 2 server/waiter 50 - 70 guests | 2 chef & 2 server/waiter 70 - 100 guests | 2 chef & 2 server/waiter & 1 kitchen porter 100+ guests | 2 chef & 3 server/waiter & 1 kitchen porter
  • Fork and Plated Food
    Both fork food and plated meals require an on-site chef. Depending on the numbers, additional catering and wait staff may be required.
  • What is your range of finger food?
    We can provide finger foods for a business breakfast right through to evening canapés and everything in between!
  • What additional costs related to the catering should I expect to be paying?
    GST, Delivery if required, Onsite chef(s), and wait staff if required.
  • Why should we choose Sublime Catering?
    Our catering is prepared and cooked from scratch using quality ingredients and the freshest, seasonal produce available. Our menus are updated regularly and offer a great range to suit all preferences. Our prices are competitive and we offer a friendly, professional service. In our over 10 years in business, have built up a great reputation!
  • What is required for the kitchen/preparation area?
    In most cases we will require the use of a kitchen or preparation area handy to the dining area with electricity and running water. Depending on your style of meal, we may also need cooking and heating facilities. If this is not available and we need to hire large heating equipment, this will be charged at the client’s expense. We also ask that available bench space is clean and cleared of any clutter. We may bring trestle table(s) of our own to use if extra preparation space is needed, or ask that a portable bench area be provided.
  • What range of meals do you do?
    Our range of meal styles are designed to suit your style and budget from casual to formal dining. This includes fork food, barbecue, set meals, buffet and plated.
  • What is the menu cost for children?
    In the case of children who are included in the catered service, the cost is 25% of the menu price for 3-5 year olds and 50% for 6-12-year olds. Children aged 13 and above are charged at full adult price.
  • How far head do I need to order finger food?
    This will depend on the size of the group. If it’s for a group under 30 people, a minimum of 24 hours is necessary. For groups up to 100, 14 days or more is required. To avoid missing out, it’s advised you book as early as possible.
  • What happens to any leftovers?
    Any leftovers remaining on the serving tables and suitable for later consumption, will be covered or placed in containers and stored in your fridge or chiller for you to enjoy the following day.
  • Do you provide and set out the tableware?
    We can recommend how many trestles and tablecloths are required for the serving area but ask that the buffet table(s) are covered with table cloths and in place so we can quickly set up the buffet area on arrival. You will need to supply the crockery, cutlery and tableware at your end as well as set up and lay the dining tables. If you are unable to arrange this, we can quote for this separately.
  • What do you do before, during and after the meal service?
    With a simple meal delivery, we set up the buffet table, heat the bain maries and place the hot food into them. Some of the side dishes will require plating up on arrival to look their best which is why a preparation space is necessary. Once the meal is laid out and ready for service, we will then leave you to it. If you require additional service, our wait staff will take care of this. This will include serving and keeping the food topped up in the case of larger functions, clearing tables of crockery and cutlery as well as washing the dishes and ensuring the kitchen and prep areas are left the way they were when we arrived. Please note that our hard-working staff may require a short break at an appropriate time during the event.
  • Can I pick it up?
    Absolutely! Just give us the time you need it by, and we will ensure it’s ready by then. We are not afraid of early starts!
  • Can we provide our own meats/seafood?
    We are happy to quote on sides and/or desserts only if this is your preference.
  • How do I go about ordering?
    Contact Patsy via the Contact Page, email, text, or phone with your initial enquiry. Once she is able to confirm availability, you can either choose directly from the menus or ask get Patsy to put a menu proposal together for you.
  • Where do I return the serving ware after my function?
    This will need to be pre-arranged. In most cases it can be dropped off to our kitchen within 2 days of your function, or to Tui Party Hire in Whakatane if you have hired anything else from there. All our serving ware is labelled but please ensure it is kept in a separate box. In some cases, we can collect but only if we are going past on a normal travel route.
  • How many staff are involved?
    In the case of a simple meal delivery and set up, generally there will only be 1-2 of us. If your guest numbers are high and you require additional service, we will advise you on the number of staff required to ensure everything runs smoothly and on time.
  • What are your delivery Fees?
    For the Edgecumbe, Whakatane and Kawerau districts, a set rate of between $25 to $35 per vehicle is charged. Outside these areas, it is 75c per km per vehicle. Depending on the size of your function, two or more vehicles may be required. Staff travel time to and from your venue may also be charged where applicable.
  • How do we pay?
    Patsy will email you an invoice which will need to be paid for via online banking within 7 days, or in the case of a business by the 20th of the month. Late payment charges may apply.
  • Can you cater for special dietary requirements?
    Absolutely! Our menus indicate which options are vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free. Please let us know if any of your guests have dietary allergies to particular foods such as nuts so we can ensure their food is safe for them to eat.
  • What do your staff wear?
    Chefs wear black polo shirts and full lime green aprons with the Sublime Catering logo, as well as black skirt or black trousers. Wait staff wear black dress shirts and waist, lime green aprons with the Sublime Catering logo, as well as black skirt or black trousers.
  • Is there a minimum order for deliveries?
    Our kitchen is based in Braemar Road, Awakaponga. To keep our prices competitive, we only deliver orders over $150 unless it is in our local area.
  • Can you deliver the food hot?
    Yes, we have plenty of hot boxes for this purpose. The food is transferred straight from our ovens into these boxes for delivery. It will stay warm in them safely for up to 2 hours.
  • Can I get a quote?
    Absolutely, we will provide a quote free of charge or advise what you can order for your budget.
  • What time do you arrive?
    Depending on your menu, the number of guests, and any special requirements that need to be met, we arrive approximately 1 hour prior to food service.
  • Will we need to pay a deposit and what is your cancellation policy?
    A 20% deposit of the quoted price is required for meals catering for 30 or more people. Should you cancel within 7 days of the agreed dates, any of pocket costs sustained by Sublime Catering will be paid for out of the deposit before reimbursement.
  • What happens when you first arrive?
    Often we are in places/venues that we have never worked in before, so it’s ‘a quick lay of the land’, and we get down to setting up what is required. Our time line allows us sufficient time to unload, set up in the kitchen area and set out the buffet table. We are very careful to ensure no noisy setting up occurs if your guests have already arrived.
  • What information will you need?
    The date you require the catering, drop off or pick up time, guest number, contact name and number, delivery address and if there are any special dietary requirements.
  • Where do you deliver to?
    Within the Eastern Bay of Plenty district, but will consider the wider the Bay of Plenty also.
  • How far ahead do I need to order and when do you need final numbers by?
    This will depend on the size of the group and the time of year. In the off peak season – June to August, a minimum of 3 days is required for numbers up to 30 people. For functions up to 60, we recommend at least 30 days and for over 100, at least two months. In our busy months especially during the lead up to Christmas, it pays to book 3-6 months ahead to avoid missing out. We ask that the final guest count is confirmed at least 3 days before your event for under 30 people and at least 7 days for 30 or more.
  • Standard menu choices, can they be altered?
    We have designed our menus to allow flexibility of choice. However, you do have the option to mix and match between menus. If you are unsure, Patsy will help advise you on the best fit for your function.
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