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Morning afternoon tea finger food Sublime Catering


Minimum order of 10 pieces per item unless pick up

Service, set up, clean up or delivery fees may apply | prices exclude GST | pick up only for orders under $150 with heating notes supplied

made fresh to order

Finger sandwich $3.25

  • Chicken, green goddess dressing, celery, pistachio and mesclun

  • Ham, tomato, egg mayonnaise, salsa verde and lettuce

  • Tuna, pickle, celery mayo, salsa verde and lettuce

  • Hummus, red onion, tomato, relish and mesclun

Mini croissants $4.25

  • Smoked chicken, cranberry and brie

  • Ham, Swiss cheese and relish

Mini baps $4.25

  • Bacon, brie, avocado, tomato and lettuce

  • Pastrami, Swiss cheese, pickle, tomato

  • Chicken, horseradish mayo and crunchy greens

Small scones $3.25

  • Tasty cheese, sun dried tomato and chive 

Pinwheel rolls $3.80

  • Ham, sprouts, carrot, cottage cheese and chives

  • Salami, couscous, spinach, carrot 

  • Cheesy Mexican 

handmade sweet treats

Sweet muffins $4.25

  • Blueberry and crunchy lemon with curd

Gourmet slice $4.25

  • Creamy Lemon crumb

  • Double chocolate brownie

  • Pineapple and raspberry frangipani 

  • Birdseed and honey energy bar 

Sweet tartlets $3.25

  • Lemon meringue

  • Banoffee

Sweet bites $2.20

  • Double chocolate brownie

  • Oaty lemon crumb

  • White chocolate and cranberry with pistachios


Cute cakes $4.25

  • Date and ginger stickies

  • Carrot and pineapple with cream cheese icing

  • Vanilla with festive buttercream icing


Scone $3.80

  • Anathoth’s jam and Devonshire cream

Almond friands $4.90

  • Raspberry and lime 

  • Pear and coconut 

Seasonal fruit kebab $2.20​

Hot from our ovens

Gourmet quiches $3.80

  • Bacon, onion and cheese

  • Spinach, caramelized onion and feta 

Gourmet pies $4.25

  • Prime mince with rosemary, tomato and hint of chilli

  • Chicken, leek, garlic and thyme

Sausage rolls $3.25

  • Pork, caramelized onion and fennel

  • Beef, chutney and a hint of curry


Open pastries $3.80

  • Mediterranean vegetable and feta 

  • Chorizo, red pepper, relish and herb

Frittata bites $2.70

  • Seasonal vegetables and fresh herbs

Meat sticks $2.70

  • Asian chicken with dipping sauce  

  • Beef balls with relish

Allergy aware

Individual antipasta plate $13.00

Vegetables, crackers, hummus plate $5.40

Rice paper parcels $2.70

  • Prawn, avocado, pink ginger  

  • Asian chicken and crunchy vege

Sushi $2.70

  • Smoked salmon, cucumber and egg

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